Sunday, 25 November 2012


this is for the people out there who LOVE FISH. there is so much to know and share. i know I LOVE MY FISH. i have been looking out for so many things about FISH AND AQUARIUMS. i love my fish. i have been in this hobby for barely four months but have studied fish a while longer. i got my first fish this year in august. i had two koi fish but i was adviced they would out-grow my 20 gallon tank so i built a new tank and gave that out to my mother. "sweet", i know. i've been through a lot with my babies but i love them so what can i say. i lost two new comet gold fishes. i blame it on my friend cos he obviously over fed them and polluted the water. he denies it but i still blame him. those are my casualties and i hope it stays like that. what i LOVE about fish keeping is that 1. fish cant make annoying noises. 2. they need to be fed but they NEVER die of starvation, EVER 3. u keep LEARNING and it keeps u EDUCATED about marine life 4. most importantly, ITS FREAK'N FUN. I LOVE MY FISH so much and i hope u share my enthusiasm from blog to blog. nothing FISHY. maybe some FISHY stuff here and there but its all fun. i put my aquarium up there so we can have a look at da progress.